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Our Expertise

Our team brings in-depth knowledge and experience across equities and fixed income covering investment, advisory and distribution.
Lawbrook Partners is a specialist advisor in global financial markets.

Our mandates have covered a broad range of asset classes and corporate levels across the US and Europe. In addition, our long standing clients trust us to work with them in building new products and launching in new geographies knowing our structured process and professional experience will lead to success.

We have a long term reputation as a leader in hiring thematic, impact and sustainable (ESG) investment teams for clients in Europe and the US as well as some of the highest profile heads of ESG for global investment banks and leading investment managers. We often work closely with clients seeking to improve their cultural and gender diversity leveraging our history of focused projects in this field.

We are driven by our clients, empowered by their success and providing them with solutions that cover the buy and sell side. Our ability to cover both sides of the investment divide, for referencing and sourcing, has always been a unique edge for Lawbrook. A good example being sell side equity research and investment management; two major areas of activity for Lawbrook. This ‘edge allows us to provide significant value to our clients.

Our coverage universe spans the public and private markets within investment and distribution across seniorities for long standing partners. We work with investment banks, brokers, mutual funds, asset managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms, real estate owners and operators, insurance houses and family offices.

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