Lawbrook Partners

Lawbrook Partners is a leading asset management corporate advisory and global executive search firm with offices in London, New York and Geneva. Headquartered in Mayfair, we focus on institutional asset management, hedge funds, investment banking and corporate non-executive boards. Lawbrook has a dedicated client driven reputation working as strategic adviser to the world’s most prestigious investors and senior financiers. Our discrete and unique offering reflects our industry insight, structured process and exemplary client service.

The firm has grown from client demand that leverages our expertise and specialist intelligence of financial markets across the asset classes/product categories including equities, macro/fixed income and investment banking (M&A and equity research). Alongside offering boards and business leaders independent strategic advice we are experts in finding hidden gems and identifying future stars; our ability to bring together the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side on each asset class is a unique and differentiated offering allowing a holistic view of a market.

We adopt a retained and exclusive approach to our work which engenders loyalty and an alignment of long term interests. Discretion and acting as a trustworthy partner to our clients underpins the foundations of Lawbrook. Our dedicated team approach to projects and mandates ensures efficiency, consistency, speed to market and a detailed ‘no stone unturned’ ethos to our professional work.

We have an enviable track record reflecting significant experience in senior executive search whilst providing independent corporate and strategic advice often around acquisitions, restructuring or moving into new product categories or business areas. All our senior consultants have backgrounds in the global financial markets allowing a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and product offering. Our reputation is built on a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and forging trusted long term relationships which is critical in engaging top candidates and advising on strategic plans.